PEACH ON BEACH has its own official DUOTONE Kite Surfing School – offering boutique kitesurfing lessons for all levels and ages in Cape Town, Langebaan and Hermanus from our home base in Cape Town!

  • Super-charge your learning curve with our experienced, highly motivated kitesurf instructors – all experienced IKO certified experts!
  • Our team speaks English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Afrikaans, Swiss-German, Mandarin Chinese and Japanese.
  • Our lessons are customized to suit any experience level, Beginner – Advanced – Expert.
  • Our Courses are taught at the best kite spot in Africa – at Kite Beach in Blouberg, Cape Town, South Africa (site of the annual Red Bull King of the Air Competition – which is right across from Our Peach on Beach Boutique Guesthouse)!*
  • We have carefully structured the length of our sessions to make sure you retain as much information as possible without getting mentally fatigued.

We offer the following lessons whenever weather permits:

  • Private Lessons: 1 student per instructor (3 hours per session**)
  • Group Lessons: 2 students per instructor (3 hours per session**)
  • Wave Camps and Guided Downwind board riding sessions
  • Master Classes with top cracks from the DUOTONE Pro Riding Team
  • Amazing STAY & KITE Packages at PEACH ON BEACH BOUTIQUE GUESTHOUSE – make the best of your Stay with us!

* If weather does not permit for sessions in Blouberg, we are able to have sessions all over Cape Town, Langebaan and Hermanus. Transport charges might apply.

** Morning and afternoon sessions, take one or two sessions per day – as per your preference and stamina.

Kitesurfing lessons at our official DUOTONE Kitesurfing School

Try something new, something truly exciting? What about kitesurfing, which is rapidly becoming the most popular sport of its kind worldwide?

Extreme Sport for only the super-fit? No, a fun experience for anybody of any age, in reasonably good health and who can swim in open water. We get you from ZERO to HERO in no time with our Boutique kitesurfing courses!

Being able to harness the wind and the ocean and enjoy an exciting and invigorating ride is something that everyone can enjoy at our DUOTONE Kitesurfing School, where we have courses to cater for everyone from total beginners to experienced surfers who are looking to add to their skills.

For those who learned to kitesurf in flatwater, we are the experts in South Africa to teach you with our special wave lessons and wave camps to hone Your skills and experiment in typical Cape Town conditions.

We operate out of Cape Town, rightly regarded as the kitesurfing capital of the world and a wonderful sunny place to be. Should weather not allow for kitesurfing lessons, we are happy to arrange surf, SUP, Bodyboarding, Windsurfing lessons or sightseeing activities, etc. just ask us!



Safety and IKO Certification

We put safety first, always – our DUOTONE Kitesurfing School is one of the selected few IKO (International Kitesurfing Organization) accredited schools in Africa. IKO is the largest kitesurfing body in the world, and their certifications are recognized worldwide.

All our instructors are IKO certified and have many years of experience as kitesurfing instructors. Our team is highly skilled, focused on your safety and 100% motivated to give you the best kitesurfing experience possible. We follow the IKO teaching method – LINK

Kitesurfing is an extreme sport, with many more things to learn than just how to use the kite and the board before you attempt anything independently. Take your first steps into this truly amazing kitesurfing world under the guidance of a highly experienced and IKO certified school and team.

We will be happy to guide you through the whole process of learning to become an independent kite surfer!
After completing any of our kitesurfing lessons, you will receive a unique IKO certification card according to your level achieved. This card is paramount to your progression in the sport. With this certification card, you can rent kitesurfing gear all over the world.

The Kite Surfing

Kitesurfing Lessons at Peach on Beach

Official DUOTONE Kitesurfing School


Intro into the kite world; includes theory of wind (wind speed, wind direction, gusts, pressure systems) and ocean (currents, tides, rips), equipment set up and pack down, safety, and first piloting (kite control).

Body Dragging

Intro into the water; includes large kite handling, self-launching of the kite, self-rescue and all the different body drag techniques. This level is all about making you comfortable with piloting a larger kite while in the water.

Water Start

Board skills; includes, water starts and board riding techniques. This level will take everything you’ve learnt and put it together. Mastering board riding techniques, edge control, focus on riding with your core.

5 Days of Kitesurfing Lessons at Peach on Beach

We are certified by IKO (International Kitesurfing Organization) and follow the IKO Teaching Manual. This is a breakdown of what 5 sessions of Kitesurfing lessons at our official DUOTONE Kitesurfing School at Peach on Beach may look like. Nobody is alike – progress all depends on your preferred speed and stamina.

All our courses are customized to start you off on your current experience level, if you have already taken previous lessons.

DAY 1 (Land Based)
1. Introductions with site assessment.
2. Fundamentals of kitesurfing – wind, sea conditions & equipment.
3. Power kite / trainer kite flying.
4. Larger LEI* (water kite) setup.
5. Safe kite launching / landing / steering techniques + pre flight checks.
6. Guided equipment pack down.

DAY 2 (Water Based)
• Guided kite + equipment setup.
• Larger LEI (inflatable) kite piloting.
• Relaunching the kite.
• Downwind body dragging.
• Controlled power body dragging. (Really fun)
• Upwind body drag/board retrieval.
• Emergency pack down / Self rescue techniques
• Guided kite + equipment pack down.

DAY 3 (Water based)
• Independent kite selection + setup.
• Controlled downwind and upwind body dragging.
• Board start complete theory.
• Practise putting the board on in the sea, with help from the instructor.
• Practise core stabilizing techniques.
• Practise steady pull with board on.
• Attempt first board starts with instructor.
• Ride your first meters.
• Edging the board and controlling the speed.
• Independent kite + equipment pack down.

DAY 4 (Water based)
• Independent kite selection + setup.
• Practise controlling your speed while edging the board.
• Practise controlling your direction / riding upwind.
• Practise controlled stopping.
• Independent kite pack down.

DAY 5 (Water based)
• Independent kite selection + setup.
• Independent waterstart and sea entry.
• Control your direction / ride upwind.
• Controlled stopping.
• Learn to ride with 1 hand.
• Practise turning without stopping.
• Attempt small pops and jumps.
• Independent kite pack down.

Students to instructor ratio:
• Group – 2:1
• Private – 1:1


  1. Get a Taste
    1. 3h (1 day):                                     P – 2,800;         G – 1,800
    2. Unlimited (1 day):                          P – 5,800          G – 3,800
    3. 4h Boat lesson (Langebaan)         G – 5,000
    4. Per hour (additional to course):     P – 950             G – 600
  1. Get Hooked
    1. 6h (2-3 days) P – 5,500                 G – 3,500
  1. Get on Board
    1. 9h (3-5 days) P – 8,000                G – 5,000
  1. Get Riding
    1. 15h (4-6 days) P – 13,000            G – 8,000
  1. Get Independent
    1. 21h (6-8 days) P – 18,000           G – 11,000
  • P – Private (1 on 1) G – Group (2 on 1)
  • All Equipment included
  • Possibility to buy brand new and second-hand equipment from us
  • Excluding transport to Langebaan, Hermanus, Muizenberg, Southern Suburbs, etc


  1. Get Better by Day
    1. 3h (1 day):                                      P – 2,800;         G – 1,800
    2. Unlimited (1 day): P – 5,800          G – 3,800
    3. 4h Boat lesson (Langebaan)          G – 5,000
    4. Per hour (additional to course):      P – 950             G – 600
  1. Get Better by Week
    1. 21h (1 week) P – 18,000               G – 11,000
  1. Become a Wave Expert
    1. 21h (1 week) P – 18,000               G – 11,000
  1. Wave Camps
    1. Safety Lesson 900
    2. 1 day 2,800
    3. 1 week 14,000
    4. 2 weeks 24,000
    5. 3 weeks 34,000
    6. Private Lessons (4-5h/day) 4,000
  • P – Private (1 on 1) G – Group (2 on 1)
  • Equipment can be bought at preferential prices from us or you can rent if you do not have your own equipment yet.
  • Radio Helmets for lessons
  • Including transport for downwinders in Sunset Beach to Melkbosstrand area
  • Excluding transport to Langebaan, Hermanus, Muizenberg, Southern Suburbs
  • Wave Camps Calculation includes windless days. No further discounts if no water time during some days due to weather conditions. Minimum 3 participants for Wave Camps prices.