Unforgettable Experiences and Rave Reviews at Peach on Beach Boutique Guesthouse

Unforgettable Experiences and Rave Reviews at Peach on Beach Boutique Guesthouse

Oct 17, 2023

A Home Away from Home

At Peach on Beach Boutique Guesthouse, we believe in providing our guests with more than just a place to stay. Our goal is to create an experience that feels like a home away from home. Our recent guests have shared their exceptional experiences, which we’d like to highlight.

1. Greg from South Africa: A Sense of Home and Enjoyment

Returning to the guesthouse after a busy week was always a delightful feeling for Greg and his companions. From the moment they walked into our establishment, they felt a sense of belonging and were warmly welcomed by Peter. The spacious rooms, delicious and fresh breakfast every morning, and the excellent hospitality made their stay truly enjoyable. Greg and his group found Peach on Beach to be conveniently located, making it a preferred choice for their future visits.

2. Uwe from Germany: Perfection in Every Bite

Uwe, a guest from Germany, described our breakfast as “perfekt.” We take pride in offering a breakfast experience that is beyond satisfying. Our owners, Heidi and Peter, ensure that each morning begins with a perfect breakfast, setting the tone for an exceptional day at Peach on Beach.

3. Arno from Netherlands: A Fantastic Getaway

Arno, from the Netherlands, found our location perfect for a relaxing time with family and kitesurfing. The beautiful surroundings and amenities at our guesthouse are designed to provide a fantastic getaway, offering something for everyone.

4. Shane from the United States: Exceptional All Around

Shane, visiting from the United States, was thoroughly impressed by our guesthouse. From the prime location near the beach to well-designed rooms and stunning views, every aspect contributed to an exceptional stay. Our hosts, the comfortable rooms, delightful breakfast, and additional amenities like a pool, pool table, and a well-stocked mini bar left a lasting impression.

At Peach on Beach Boutique Guesthouse, we strive to exceed expectations and create unforgettable memories for our guests. We welcome you to experience the exceptional hospitality and remarkable stay that our guests rave about.

Plan your next Cape Town adventure with us, and let Peach on Beach Boutique Guesthouse be your home in South Africa!

Heidi Miao

Heidi Miao


Peach Tribe Mama, Heart & Soul of Peach on Beach, Passionate Host and Teacher, Garden Magician, Tai Chi & Tea Ceremony Expert, Avid Kitesurfer & Gourmet